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2nd International Conference

Call for papers - Abstract Submission due by Oct 31, 2013

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Sept 25-27, 2014 Shanghai-China


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Call for Papers

This new tool was developed by Teach America for the Louisana Department of Transportation and Development. It is an easy to use tool that illustrates the possible consequences of our transportation decisions. It's easy - Select a scenario; Change input; View consequences.

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10th National Conference on Access Management July 17-20, 2012

Mid-Year Meeting July 30-Aug 1, 2013, Irvine CA

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TRB is cosponsoring the 1st International Conference on Access Management in June 14-17, 2011, in Athens, Greece. The conference is designed to share the latest knowledge, expertise, and experience that have evolved worldwide to help facilitate the integration of access management into established planning, policy, and design processes. Program and pre-conference workshop information is available online.

Conference website
Greece Conference

Animated Principles Link to 10 Animated Principles Access management is much more than driveway regulation. It is the systematic control of the location, spacing, design and operation of driveways, median openings, interchanges, and street connections. See this animation to learn more about the 10 principles of access management.

FHWA Video and Primer FHWA Brochure: Safe Acess Is Good For BusinesThis primer will address questions you may have about access management and its effect on business activity and the local economy. It focuses on economic concerns that may arise in response to proposed access changes or policies, including potential impacts on business activity, freight and deliveries, parking for customers, and property or resale value of affected property.
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2008 Conference Proceedings On-Line Link to 7th Conference Preview The 8th Conference on Access Management was held in Baltimore MD July 13-26, 2008. The conference proceedings are available on-line.

See and hear the Audio/Visual presentations from the 2006 conference.

What is Access Management? Access Management seeks to limit and consolidate access along major roadways, while promoting a supporting street system and unified access and circulation systems for development. The result is a roadway that functions safely and efficiently for its useful life, and a more attractive corridor.



TechBrief: Median U-Turn Intersection

FHWA-HRT-09-057 Web Link
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TechBrief: Quadrant Roadway Intersection

FHWA-HRT-09-058 Web Link
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TechBrief: Restricted Crossing U-Turn Intersection

FHWA-HRT-09-059 Web Link
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The Access Management Committee will continually strive to increase the awareness and use of access management.


The committee will share the latest knowledge, expertise and experience to facilitate leadership and partnerships to advance the state-of-the-practice in access management and its integration into established planning, policy and design processes.

NCHRP Report 661


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A Guidebook for Corridor-Based Statewide Transportation Planning
7/17/2010 TRB’s National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 661: A Guidebook for Corridor-Based Statewide Transportation Planning explores a template for corridor planning designed to help states to better understand the implications of transportation decisions on mobility, communities, economic development, and environmental stewardship.



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Guide for the Geometric Design of Driveways
TRB’s National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 659: Guide for the Geometric Design of Driveways explores guidelines related to the geometric design of driveways. The report includes driveway-related terms and definitions, and examination of basic geometric controls, a summary of access spacing principles, and detailed discussions of various geometric design elements.

Material related to and supporting the contents of NCHRP Report 659, including an extensive review of literature, has been published as NCHRP Web-Only Document 151: Geometric Design of Driveways.

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