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February 14, 2006

Welcome to Florida

Welcome to Florida

Colonel Christopher A. Knight,

Florida Highway

Conference Expectations

Conference Expectations

Lap Hoang

State Traffic Operations Engineer, FDOT

Rita in Texas

TxDOT, Contra Flow and the Hurricane Rita Experience

Scott Alley


Texas Contra Flow Plan

Developing a Contra Flow Plan

Margaret Moore


Overview of the Louisiana Contra Flow Plan

Stephen Glascock, LADOTD

Lieutenant Chris Bodet, LASP

Mississippi Contra Flow Operations

Bob Chapman, MDOT

Captain Karon Bridges , MDOT

Alabama I-65 Alabama - Reverse-Laning I-65 George Conner, ALDOT

Hurricane Evacuations Alabama

Patrick Manning, AL FHP

North Carolina I-40 Lane Reversal Plan

Kelly Damron, NC DOT

Major David Munday, NCHP

South Carolina 2006 Hurricane Evacuation Plan

Dick Jenkins, SCDOT

Lieutenant Mike Bowman SCHP

Georgia Presentation

Georgia Contra Flow Experience

Eric Pitts, GDOT

Capt. Larry Smith, GAHP

Virginia Presentation

Virginia ’s Lane Reversal Plan

Perry Cogburn, VA DOT

Maj. Thomas Martin, VASP

Florida ’s Contra Flow Plans

Paul Clark, FDOT

Major Leroy Smith, FHP

Why We Evacuate

Audio will not be included

Brock Long, FEMA Region IV

February 15, 2006

Traffic Simulation Tools for Evacuation Planning

Kenneth C. Courage, UF

Round Table Discussion

Michael Akridge, FDOT

FHWA and Evacuations

Regina McElroy

Director, Office of Transportation Operations, FHWA

Funding – “A State Perspective”

Patrick Odom, FDEM

The Do’s and Don’ts of Contra Flow

Lap Hoang, FDOT

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Florida Department of Transportation

1-95 Corridor Coalition

America Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

Federal Highway Administration
US Department of Transportation